Our Core Values

Are our way of life.

Our core values

It's our way of life.

Our Values

Our core organizational values bind us, from Centennial to Englewood to Silverthorne, and drives us to succeed.


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It's the first of our core values, and let’s be honest, our industry has not been synonymous with this word. We work hard to know ourselves, so we can be honest, straightforward and authentic. We admit mistakes when we make them, respect and encourage honesty in our partners and stand by our commitments. Honesty means speaking the truth when we do speak.


We only make commitments to do what we say, every time. We want our customers to feel like their experience with us is more than a transaction, it’s a positive encounter in every way. Our aim is to get them the vehicle of their dreams, at a price they can afford with a fun.


It starts with selflessness, doing what is best for the customer and your dealership, before yourself. In order to uncover the unique needs of a customer, we first have to care about them enough to get curious so we can learn. When we care about people, we treat them, their time and their money with respect. Our goal is that our customers and partners know they matter. Even one person can turn an experience into a negative one, which is why we all have to car and bring the process together.


Groove Auto acknowledges that no individual can win without the support and engagement of all our partners. In our business there are so many customer touch points that are critical. No matter the job description, every partner impacts the customer experience. Creativity, passion and energy are required by all every day to make miracles happen and assure everyone succeeds.


Overcoming mediocrity in everything we do, every day with every customer. We hire only winners who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence. We make big promises to our customers and we can’t deliver without an uncompromising commitment to doing things right, wowing our customers and achieving big things.


In all of our communications with our partners and customers is key to our success. Our brand is based upon the Power of Yes, and we don’t get there with convoluted communications. We get there with crystal clear intentions and rock solid execution. Clarity is not just about speaking and writing clearly, it’s also about listening for understanding. We listen first and react second.

Customer Satisfaction

“One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned in life is that if you’re going to be in business, if you’re going to run a business to make money, you will not succeed. The only thing that matters in business is customer satisfaction.”

George Gillett, Owner

Our Way of Saying Thank You!

Our neighborhood is special. It's a great group of warm, authentic and easygoing people our customers, employees, friends and family. We cherish the value of a hug. And we believe in giving back and being a part of something meaningful.

Drive for Education

Drive for Education is truly special. It’s a forward looking program created by the employees of Groove Auto as a way to strengthen the neighborhoods in which we live and work. School is a great place to build the foundation for the future. This initiative supports our schools in hopes it allows educators to shape future scientists, engineers, artists and musicians. This program has supported the purchase of library books, interactive whiteboards, music programs, audio equipment and automotive testing equipment.

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