Administrative Careers

Love where you work.

Administrative Careers

Love where you work.

Office Manager

Provides the Market President, General Manager and other management with accurate, timely and relevant financial data with which to manage the dealership.

What We're Looking For

01. Accurately prepare, adjust and distribute business forecasts and reports.

02. Make recommendations to management that support the consistent administration of the strategies, practices and policies that are deployed to meet the objectives of the dealership and to seek out opportunities for continuous improvement.

03. Oversee all aspects of day-to-day accounting; lead, guide and direct any accounting staff.

04. Implement procedures necessary to control operational aspects of all dealership operations.

Title Clerk

Processes title paperwork for customers in a timely fashion.

What We're Looking For

01. Process vehicle title paperwork and submit to counties and/or customers.

02. Process used vehicle purchases.

03. Review and process rejections from counties within 48 hours of receipt.

04. Answer phone calls related to vehicle titles.

Office Clerk

Performs general office tasks as required. The tasks will vary based on the needs of the office and dealership.

What We're Looking For

01. Must be able to multi-task and handle several different tasks during their day.

02. Assists all office personnel to complete daily work assignments as required.

03. Highly organized and self-motivated.

04. Work must be completed on time and without errors.


Ensures that all deal paperwork is properly processed and maintained on a daily basis and to provide timely and accurate information to sales and upper management.

What We're Looking For

01. Purges and processes deals daily.

02. Properly communicates with the Sales department and management on any and all outstanding issues.

03. Verifies all payoffs, receipt in all monies when necessary.

04. Forwards all contracts to the appropriate bank for funding.

05. Follow up with any contracts in transit with the banks as necessary.


Ensures that all required scanning and filing completed accurately and promptly.

What We're Looking For

01. Put documents in order that need to be scanned and filed accurately on a daily basis. Maintains file systems.

02. Assist in completion of month-end closing.

03. Coordinate with office personnel what documents need to be scanned and/or filed each day; delivers documents to the appropriate destination in a timely manner.

Payroll Specialist

Processes all payrolls in a timely and accurate manner while maintaining proper security on all documents and files.

What We're Looking For

01. Possess the ability to understand and operate company payroll system.

02. Pay endless attention to detail in order to eliminate payroll record errors.

03. Ensure that all tax and government fee structures are calculated in accordance to company guidelines.

04. Maintain strict confidentiality relative to income and payroll records.

Payables Clerk

Completes payments and controls expenses by receiving, processing, verifying and reconciling invoices.

What We're Looking For

01. Reconciles processed work by verifying entries and comparing system reports to balances.

02. Pays vendors by monitoring discount opportunities; verifying federal id numbers; scheduling and preparing checks; resolving purchase order, contract, invoice or payment discrepancies and documentation.

03. Reconcile and post monthly rental agreements.

04. Adhere to all standards of conduct established by the company, the dealership and the department, including professional dress and appearance.

Receivables Clerk

Receive payments for goods and services, and record these transactions accordingly.

What We're Looking For

01. Maintain oversight of multiple accounts and prioritize collection activities.

02. Provide customer service regarding collection issues, resolve account discrepancies and short payments

03. Ensures daily, weekly and monthly reporting to a direct supervisor

04. Maintains customer files and makes sure that necessary documentation is received, noted, and filed

Ace the interview


    Do a little research on us, understand what we stand for, who we service, what we offer, what the job you are applying for requires.


    We are all cast members in a gray play we call Groove Auto. Our partners are professionals – they come to work well groomed, in uniform and ready to perform. We look for applicants that look us in the eye with confidence and present themselves well.


    Prove to us you are a good fit for Groove Auto. Show us how the experience on your resume directly relates to your ability to successfully do the job for which you are applying. Be ready to offer specific examples – don’t speak in generalities.


    We employ partners. Our partners selected us as much as we selected them. Don’t be afraid to ask up questions about the job, our reputation and the things you need to succeed.


    We value diversity. Relax and show us what makes you special and unique.

Three tough questions


    Your Response: This is likely a warmup question, but don’t go through your resume point-by-point. Keep your answer to a minute or two. Yes, we want to know about your work history. But, we also want to know about you as a person – what you value, what bugs you, what makes you proud.


    Your Response: We believe that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. We want you to share a real example of how you tackled a new problem – what did you do first, who did you ask for help, how did things turn out?


    Your Response: Illustrate why you are the most qualified candidate. Do this by showing how your skills and experiences closely match the requirements listed on the job description.

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